Mission & Vision

The SKA mission is to provide children of all ages the opportunity to explore their artistic talents in order to promote, understand, and appreciate art in all of its applications. Through these enriched experiences provided to students, SKA champions creative growth and serves as a catalyst for developing creative and culturally competent future generations. 

Fundamental to this mission is our curriculum which goes beyond typical art lessons to a more wholistic approach where students learn by experience, collaboration and exposure to ideas in their own community and the world around them.

In addition to our innovative and creative programs, SKA encourages student involvement in local and international art activities and competitions, conducts field trips and excursions to art and design related venues, and encourages students to engage with their community on many levels and integrating art into applications such as science, creative writing, mathematics and more.

Our outreach programs expose children to many contemporary concepts, helping them understand the world and express themselves in a personal way. Students wishing to pursue careers in art and design develop the resources they need to make informed choices, and the skills they need to meet the criteria of their future educational decisions.

By contributing to the community through leadership and collaborative events, students demonstrate their skills, techniques, creativity and develop conceptual ideas. Various programs draw out and expand on leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills and more. SKA students have gained valuable recognition in the community and have received many awards for their work.

SKA offers a unique and holistic approach to Art instruction not always found in mainstream classrooms. Our vision at SKA is to cultivate an innovative, creative community that understands, appreciates the importance of and is inspired by art. The close connection between the Academy and the community helps reinforce the importance of art education and fosters a new generation of young artists who share their talents and make a valuable contribution to their community.