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Great News! Amazing opportunity for YOU!!

The United Nations Association (UNA-USA) is a movement of Americans who believe that our interests and values can best be advanced by standing with the planet’s universal institution: The United Nations. We stand up for the UN so the UN can keep standing up for the world.

SKA Academy will be starting a brand new chapter connected with the United Nations Association. This will be the 3rd chapter in Georgia and we will take part in over 200 chapters nationwide in ensuring a prosperous future. We will be tying in each of our current 6 clubs’ mission statements - PTSA, NAHS, Senior Beta, and 3 Junior Clubs - into developing a more favorable living environment and solving world issues.

​Why join our UNA-SKA chapter? This is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tie in an internationally recognized club into your resumé and ultimately make a huge difference to the world. UNA-SKA students are local leaders for the UN’s Global Goals - and now, we have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and achievement to your peers, teachers, and members.

Through peer leadership, community engagement, and more involvement, students can align their volunteering opportunities to connect with the UN Global Goals. With this, students can earn national recognition for our community and distinguish themselves on college, job, and scholarship applications.

If you are interested in joining, please stop by the SKA front desk. We hope to see you at our next meeting!
2019-2020 UN-SKA Chapter Officers:
Ms. Leng K. Chang, Superintendent
Ms. S. Teh, Supervisor
Priscilla Lin, President
Joycelyn A. Lieu, Vice President of the “Gender Equality & Human Rights” Project
Kaichen Guo, Vice President of the “Poverty Youth Education & Training” Project
George Song, Vice President of the “heART and Hearth” Project
Chris Han, Vice President of the “Save our Oceans” Project
Vanessa Ching, Vice President of the “Environmental Protection & Water Crisis” Project.
Board and Committees
Ms. Leng K. Chang, Superintendent
Ms. San Teh, Supervisor
Ms. Priscilla Lin, Assistant Supervisor

 2019-2020 SKA PTSA “Gender Equality & Human Rights” Project Officers
Joycelyn A. Lieu, President
Anna Zhu, Vice President
Kaitlyn Chan, Treasurer
Kafaina Li, Secretary
 Bernice Liao, Publicity Chair (Marketing Flyer)
 Triniti Fong, Historian (Video/Photo)
 Ziru Hu, Reporter (Announcement)

 2019-2020 SKA NAHS “heART and Hearth” Project Officers
George Song, President
Kevin Lin and Chris Han, Vice President
Alex Yang, Treasurer
Alex Shi, Secretary
Aaron Shi, Publicity Chair (Marketing Flyer)
David Guo and Alan Liu, Historian (Video/Photo)
Arvin Guo, Reporter (Announcement)

 2019-2020 SKA Senior Beta Club “Poverty Youth Education & Training” Project Officers
Kaichen Guo, President
Julie Wu, Vice President
Vincent Zheng, Treasurer
Shirley Huang, Secretary
Michelle Baker, Publicity Chair (Marketing Flyer)
 Zening Wang, Historian (Video/Photo) 
 Kristina Yu, Reporter (Announcement)

 2019-2020 SKA NJAHS “Save Our Oceans” Project Officers
Chris Han, President
 Tiara Jone, Vice President
Neha Chimakurthy, Treasurer
Alexi J. Tan, Secretary
Tara Tu, Publicity Chair (Marketing Flyer)
Lingyue Wu, Historian (Video/Photo)
Kaho Isono, Reporter (Announcement)

 2019-2020 SKA Junior Beta Club “Environmental Protection & Water Crisis” Project Officers
Vanessa Ching, President
Grace Manning, Vice President
Kelly Baker, Treasurer
Kate Ding, Secretary
Kevin Lin, Publicity Chair (Marketing Flyer)
 Isabella Ching, Historian (Video/Photo)
Audrey Yu, Reporter (Announcement)

 2019-2020 SKA Junior Club “Birthday Fundraiser” Project Officers
Kate Ding, President
Nesta Chimakurthy, Vice President
Olivia Wang, Treasurer
Aleena Huang, Secretary
Collin Zhu, Publicity Chair (Marketing Flyer)
Ryan Li, Historian (Video/Photo) 
Rodrick Liu, Reporter (Announcement)

Members: Mellisa Qiu, Matteo Pedro, Stephanie Tseng, Nesta Chimakurthy, Hannah Wang,