Kaci Xie is a 13 year old who attends Webb Bridge Middle School as a seventh-grader. She has been taking visual art classes at SKA since she was 7 years old. She loves learning new techniques from SKA’s skilled teachers. She enjoys art and feels inspired yet excited every time there is an opportunity to create a new piece of artwork. Over the years, Kaci has developed a great passion for art.
     In SKA’s art program, teachers help Kaci’s development in art production techniques, hands-on art projects and art history through a variety of different activities. Kaci is not just learning drawing skills. She also learns various design and problem-solving skills. When a new assignment is given, Kaci learns how to do research on the topic and generate ideas from magazines, the internet, and various other sources. Then, she creates several solutions and learns to design her own piece of artwork. Being creative is the main goal for Kaci, and she loves this kind of approach. Her knowledge, as well as her understanding of the social and historical context of art, have greatly improved. More importantly, her confidence as a young artist has grown with the assistance of SKA.
    SKA’s multiple art programs also include numerous field trips to exhibitions,galleries, and museums. Her skills in creative expression and artistic analysis have become more advanced and sophisticated. Kaci’s portfolio contains more than colorful, lively paintings. It contains a child's imagination, observation and creativity. Art is no longer just a simple drawing. Each piece of artwork contains a concept that is developed during the design process and the creation of the artwork. These skills will help Kaci in all aspects of her life in the future.
    Kaci has had a great time at SKA. She works hard and is very excited when the effort is recognized. Since 2009, She joined SKA and has won quite a few awards, including:
  • 2011 The World Children Festival 4th Art Olympiad Award
  • 2011 Give wildlife a chance State Award
  • 2012 River of Word GA State Award
  • 2012 The Dream 50 Art Contest Award
  • 2012 The World Peace Prayer Society International Exhibition Finalist Award
  • 2012 Gwinnett Chairish Art Contest Award First Place
  • 2012 Crayola Creativity Contest U.S. Award
  • 2013 Reflection First Place of 6th Grade at State Level of Judging
    In addition to art classes, Kaci also attends SKA’s fashion design classes. In these classes, the students are guided step-by-step to design their own dresses, accessories, purses and scarves. After a year of studying, Kaci wore the dress she made by herself to the graduation ceremony and received loud applause by the audience. Besides having the chance to partake in volunteer activities, Kaci also participates in the application process for various educational institutions for scholarships with the assistance of SKA. With the teacher's help, Kaci has been able to hone her future goals and direction in life.
--- Ada Xie (Fulton, GA)

    My name is Vivian Ching and I have interned with SKA for 4 months. I am a junior at Brookwood High School and I enjoy taking photos. Having interned here for the past 4 months has taught me many things such as time management and how to interact with others. I am able to work with younger children, teenagers my age, and adults. I have become more comfortable working with others because I take photos for SKA. These photos go on their website, Facebook page, and various other placesthat help advertise the school. I am exctied that my photos are out there and help a school that teaches children and teenagers the skills for art. Starting in October, I was nervous and shy when it came to walking around and taking pictures. Now I am able to take whoever and whenever without feeling awkward. This experience gives me an opportunity to interact with people of all ages and enjoy what I love to do at the same time.
--- Vivian Ching, 11th Grade (Lilburn, GA)

    We appreciate the wonderful art lessons. There have been no artists in the family since Lily's great-grandfather, whose paintings and sketches hang in all of our houses. The whole family is very excited to have a budding artist. I am very thankful to have found your classes.
--- Amanda McClellan (Gwinnett, GA) 

    Since middle school (7th grade), I started learning art at SKA academy. Even though I took a year or two off during my junior year in high school due to my school works, I came back to SKA academy in my senior year. In SKA, I started as a beginner, who did not even know what acrylic or watercolor was, and then learned how to use different medias while participating in many art competition opportunities that SKA provided. Through out the competitions that were given, I improved and achieved to be better. I learned many things as the years goes by, such as the value of the studies in different medias, composition wise of drawings, and my passion for art. Through my experiences in SKA, they made me success into GHP (Governor Honors Program in visual art), which is a great opportunity to meet new people and of course experience new ways of learning art; and as every GHPiers said "GHP is a life changing experience" and indeed it is. GHP has changed the way I think about life overall both in art and as an individual. I learned how to express more of my feelings than ever before, and SKA is the one that took me into GHP. After high school, I am going to the college that SKA took us on for a field trip during my eighth grade year, which is SCAD. I am sure I am going to be successful through what I have learned and experienced in the past 7 years at SKA. 
--- Helen Peng, Forsyth, GA

​    In the past years, SKA has changed me for the better. I have become more confident in my studies and as a person. Also, I have learned a variety of things in terms of art and life at SKA. I am very honored and grateful to be awarded the scholarship for the school year and I plan to learn many more things to help me the best I can be as an aspiring young artist. 
--- Priscilla Lin, 8th grade, Gwinnett, GA

    I am very please to receive this scholarship from SKA. Art is full of categories that I would love to be able to learn. With this scholarship that SKA has given me, I am given a chance to expand my horizon. I would never be where I'm at without SKA.
--- Sharon Chen, 10th grade, Johns Creek, GA

    My hero is my art teacher named Ms. Leng Kar Chang. She has bought me to my destiny by nurturing my artistic ability. She has helped make me...me. She has made a huge difference in my life because she has taught me to draw, sketch, paint, color, use charcoal, and use oil pastels. She uses her talent to me grow my artistic ability. Her goal is to encourage children to find their passion in art. She believes that every child has an artistic ability and only needs to find it.
--- Ava Leavitt, 3rd grade (Forsyth, GA) 

    "I started going to SKA when I moved to GA 7 years ago. Back in VA I also took art classes, but they definitely didn't compare to those at SKA. At SKA we are taught to use our imaginations to their fullest potential and to not be afraid to try different combinations of art techniques in one piece of art. I'm 17 now and the skills I learned at SKA help me so much when I complete projects for AP Art class in high school. My work has become so much more sophisticated because of this school. Ms. Leng treats each and every one of her students like they are her own kids and I'm proud to say that Ms. Leng has become a second mother to me after all these years!"
--- Annette Sujo, 12th grade (Fulton County, GA)

    My daughter Megan has been taking art classes with SKA for almost two years. She's been loving it and has created some real impressive art works for her age under the guidance of her SKA teachers. Some of her art works went to display in local banks, restaurants, and hospitals. One of them even won an award. As a parent, I like SKA's approach of teaching art not just as drawing skills but rather challenge the students to expand their thinking through idea research and fun field trips. I especially like SKA's program of connecting the students with their immediate communities through their very own art works. It not only boosts the students' self-confidence and pride but also helps beautify the places locals visit on a daily basis. I personally believe that the SKA principal Ms. Leng is a visionary leader who truly understands art education. She could have just enjoyed the endless spotlights through the numerous awards SKA students have won locally and nationally each year. Well, that would not be Ms. Leng. She and her ambitious team are pushing SKA to the next level by launching the ACP programs that allow US and international students to earn credits towards admission to partnered art colleges and universities. I highly recommend SKA to anyone who are considering early childhood art education for their kids or any young adults who are interested in pursuing post secondary art education in art colleges.
--- Lily Huang, Fulton, GA

    My daughter has been studying at SKA Academy for 5 years now. I really like the programs that they offer. Ms. Leng is very passionate in teaching art and design. Her teaching skill is flawless. I would recommend SKA Academy to a friend. 
--- Louise (Marietta, GA)

    Our daughter, Sarah, has been attending SKA Art Program since she was 5. Over the last few years, we have observed as well as experienced how the teacher through a variety of activities during the course of the semester to help Sarah's development in art production techniques, hands-on art project and art history. We can see how her knowledge, her understanding of social and historical context of art and confidence increases as a young artist. Moreover, SKA program includes numerous field trips to exhibition galleries, museum...These Artist-led tours fosters her artistic perception, creative production and more importantly her artwork reflected these cultural and historic experiences. We are very please to see the continual dedication and strong commitment of Ms. Leng in working with Sarah in integrating her knowledge, creative expression and artistic analysis to ensure Sarah will reach her full potential. Thanks! 
--- Becky and Jeremy Tan (Norcross, GA)

    We have had two kids, Claire and Megan, having art classes with SKA, they learn not only how to draw as a technique but also how to design and express as an idea is being developed. We admire all SKA teacher's dedication to student's learning and growth with their skill, knowledge, and patience; We can see the result delivered by SKA's art education is consistent with all sorts of award won by SKA young students. This is an inspiring learning environment for kids, I have to say. I also feel that SKA principal is a visionary leader in art education for children, effectively leading and managing to help grow student's capability and performance through community involvement, academic and career advancement with the school's newly launched ACP programs.
--- Heming Wu (Fulton, GA)

    Thanks for all you did for Annette and our family for the past years. We are blessed to have someone like you in our life.
--- Vicky (Fulton, GA)

​    I am appreciate for all your support and care to Kaci these years. She really loves art and I think she will be more motivated.
--- Ada (Fulton, GA)

    Kevin will be so happy and proud to be on the newspaper again. Thank you very much for your encouragement and patience of guiding him into the world of art.
--- Tina (Fulton, GA)

    Congratulations! Leng, for inspiring the creativity in all the children. Here is to many more creative years, Cheers !!!
--- Shelly (Cobb, GA)

    Dear Leng: I am so in awe of all you do and what you have developed through the years. One day I hope we can meet and talk. I LOVE what you do!
---Joanne (Egypt)

    We are thrilled to read this wonderful article about Annette. What a wonderful surprise! We are very proud of her and most importantly many many thanks to you, the wonderful teacher who've been so supportive of her all these years. THANK YOU, MS. LENG. WE LOVE YOU.
--- Sujo Family (Fulton, GA)

    Very proud of you as you have brought out the best of these young artists.
---Becky (Gwinnett, GA)

    Thank you for putting together such a nice feature of Ava and SKA. We appreciate the time you have invested in our daughter and your students who shine under your instruction.
--- Kim (Forsyth, GA)

    I’ve started SKA since I was in 9th grade, and now it’s my 3rd year at SKA. Since last month, I have started interning at SKA. I have had superb memories at SKA. I made life-long friends at SKA that were able to assist me with my troubles like sociability, confidence, and etc. It has really benefited me a lot with everything. SKA has greatly impacted my life beneficially.
--- Andrew Young, 11th grade (Lilburn, GA)

    Testimonial: Attending SKA has helped me broaden my creative horizon. I am able to creatively develop interesting works of art with much more ease, while also using interesting techniques thanks to my enrollment in this school.
---Daniel Deng

    I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me get into my dream school. Scad is just as amazing as the first time I ever went to tour it with you. You've changed my life and not only helped me shoot for bigger dreams, but you also helped me achieve them. I owe you one for sure.
---Michelle Lung
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