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Kids/Teens: 10 - 17
Adult (18 +)

How do you meet online for class?
Teachers and students use Desktop Sharing app to conduct class. Students will download Skype software which enables the teacher to see and interact with the student’s computer during class.

Software for Class
    After registration and made the payment online, you will be sent the software instructions for installation. Some of the software details for online classes Include:

  • Skype (used for sharing desktop screens) if free

  • Adobe Maya (used for Game Design and 3D Animation courses) is $200 per student, fee pay to SKA. After you register you will be sent an email of how to download the software. 

  • Adobe Suite softwares (example: Premiere Pro and Photoshop) are not free. Adobe offers free 30 day trial, after which parents or students must sign up for a monthly subscription plan or buy full version. Adobe suites are used in a many of the online classes.

  • Other free softwares may be requested for you to download at a later time or during registration.


Registration is in 4 week blocks.

1 HOUR CLASS: Rate is $50/hour (So you pay $200/month)

Times Available and Registration
    Day's and times will depend on the season of the year, your time zone / country, and if there is current availability. Please contact us by emailing:

We are currently enrolling this month!

Online classes being offered online are:
Visual Art Program
SKA students learn and develop drawing skills as the foundation for all other forms of artistic expression. Students learn Elements of Design and fundamental skills which allow them to explore their ideas with confidence. 

Fundamental Drawing Skills - simple shapes, elements of design - line, repetition, balance, symmetry, scale, proportion, and composition skills.

Fundamental art techniques - portraiture, perspective, still life

Expanded Art Vocabulary

Art History and color theory

Concept and creativity development

Portfolio Preparation

Illustration Format

Still life Sketch


and much more  

Computer Graphic Program 
    SKA’s acclaimed step-by-step computer graphics class teaches children to break down complex computer tools into simple and basic foundation design concepts. As they learn how to draw and design experiences, a variety of engaging and relevant subject matter brings them to increased levels of mastery in computer graphic skill. 

Video Game Design: Using Autodesk Maya and Unity we will cover how to create 3D Game Assets, Environments, and Character Creation for Game Design.

3D Animation: Using Autodesk Maya software we will learn principles of animation for 3D Animation. Learn how to create 3D objects, apply textures, create 3d animation, and see how acting brings characters to life on the big screen!

Graphic Design : Learn the 4 principles of graphic design, color theory, learn how to create logos, t-shirt designs, and prototype designs.

Digital Painting: Use Photoshop to create layouts for 2d characters and environments. Class includes topics about value scales, color theory, textures, and shading. Learn professional techniques for line art and shading for human and animal characters. (Note: This class will not cover manga /anime character).

2D Flash Animation
Is your child or teen interested in turning their drawing into 2D Animations? This is the class for you. Students will be using "Adobe Flash CS" to get their drawing moving with 2D Animations. Learn 2d animations for humans and animals, and learn how to create backgrounds. (Note: Manga/Anime characters are not an option for this class).

Digital Film Making: Learn scriptwriting, formatting, storyboarding, camera shots / angles, and video editing techniques. Software includes: GIMP, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop.

•     Illustration: This is a Digital Drawing Class online which the student will learn body construction, how to create croquis poses, create flats, and digital inking techniques. Student will use Adobe Suite software for class such as Adobe Illustration and/or Photoshop. Also, students must have a Wacom Tablet which parents will need to purchase outside of class. The Wacom tablet is used to draw digitally in the computer. 

Creative Writing Program
    Every child has the ability to express themselves in a plethora of ways, one of them being literature. Thus, SKA is now offering creative writing classes this summer for students to explore a new avenue and to enhance their writing skills. In this course, students will refine their skills as writers and learn story development, creative plot line formation, literary techniques, and much more. The main focus of this course is to encourage students to participate in the literature category of the Reflections Contest. This year's theme is "The world would be a better place if." Two students from each grade level will participate and represent SKA at the county level. However, students will not only participate in this yearly contest. Students will also get the chance to engage with their classmates on the subject of their written work and receive feedback from their peers to further better themselves as young, inspiring authors. All in all, this course will surely be a brilliant opportunity for our students as they venture out into the world of written word. 

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Duluth, GA 30096
Tel: (470) 545.3202

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