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We are very excited to announce that SKA Academy of Art And Design has finally created an Art young adult programs. There are several different majors to choose from which include architecture design, interior design, visual arts, fashion design, computer graphic design and computer animation design. Within each  of the majors, students will need to take at least twenty of the courses to obtain enough credits. In our academic system, each class equals to three credit hours and students will need at least 20 credit hours to pass. Once students have completed our program, students, along with their credits, will be transferred to other universities/colleges to finish their studies and attain a Associate/Bachelor Degree.  The transfer of credits depends on the student's portfolio and test scores. Number of credits students will have when they transfer also depends on the college collaborating with us. Students will be able to obtain their Degree in approximately two years. In other words, students will save lots of time. Not only is this program time efficient, but also students will pay less of a tuition fee than other universities/colleges.

  SKA Academy of Art and Design
SKA offers a Supplemental Program that includes visual arts, fashion/jewelry design, computer graphic/animation design and architecture/interior design. Students in these classes range from grades Pre-K to 12th. Not only do we teach class indoors, but we also take field trips and classes outdoors. We practice this style of teaching because it broadens the students’ horizons and also lets them connect to and discover the world around them through art. SKA Students also enter local and international art competitions, which helps them to learn the processes of art and participation while exposing them to variety of different artworks. 

There are un-limited amounts of benefits and knowledge a child will gain participating in the supplemental program at SKA. Not only will they be participating in a program that is accredited with SACS CASI, they will be exposed to art through multiple styles and techniques. Participating in the accreditation program, through supplemental classes, students will learn to create professional portfolios and resumes, which will travel with them throughout life. Students are also constantly exposed to community service, events, and organizations, which gives SKA students responsibility and allows them to give back to their community.

SKA students involved in the accreditation program will also receive the opportunity to become a member of leadership organizations, such as the National Art Honor Society, the National Junior Art Society, and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). SKA also provides students in the accreditation program with free scholarship consultations in a variety of careers, which makes the college transition more easy and affordable. Students in the accreditation program will also have access to scholarships that local colleges have offered to SKA.

Supplemental students can continue over into the ACP program which will help students to gain college credits that will transfer over into colleges that SKA has agreements with. This will not only benefit the student by helping them to graduate college with a degree sooner, it will benefit parents because college will come at a lower costs just for attending SKA. The benefits a child will gain at SKA are abundant, give us a try and watch your child blossom into a, both, talented and skillful individual.

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We now offers an adult program that ranges for ages 18 & up. 

SKA offers adults a variety of programs to stimulate their creativity, including:
Visual Art, a course that teaches drawing, innovative skills and techniques while using a variety of media. 

Computer Graphics/ Animation, a course that teaches the successfully use of five programs offered in the Adobe Collection, editing, how to create animations, and storyboard. 

Fashion Design, a course that teaches how to illustrate fashion figures, how to successfully render clothing, and how to fully construct a garment. 

Architectural/ Interior Design, a course that teaches the construction of floor plans for buildings, material studies and costs, elevations, and perspective. Through all SKA academy programs, students will build an appealing professional portfolio.

Summer Field Trips and Workshops