SKA Academy of Art and Design
    SKA offers a Supplemental Program that includes visual arts, fashion/jewelry design, computer graphic/animation design and architecture/interior design. Students in these classes range from grades Pre-K to 12th. Not only do we teach class indoors, but we also take field trips and classes outdoors. We practice this style of teaching because it broadens the students’ horizons and also lets them connect to and discover the world around them through art. SKA Students also enter local and international art competitions, which helps them to learn the processes of art and participation while exposing them to variety of different artworks. 

    There are un-limited amounts of benefits and knowledge a child will gain participating in the supplemental program at SKA. Not only will they be participating in a program that is accredited with SACS CASI, they will be exposed to art through multiple styles and techniques. Participating in the accreditation program, through supplemental classes, students will learn to create professional portfolios and resumes, which will travel with them throughout life. Students are also constantly exposed to community service, events, and organizations, which gives SKA students responsibility and allows them to give back to their community.

    SKA students involved in the accreditation program will also receive the opportunity to become a member of leadership organizations, such as the National Art Honor Society, the National Junior Art Society, and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). SKA also provides students in the accreditation program with free scholarship consultations in a variety of careers, which makes the college transition more easy and affordable. Students in the accreditation program will also have access to scholarships that local colleges have offered to SKA.

  SKA Academy of Art and Design
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Summer Field Trips and Workshops

Study & Solve (S&S) After School Program

We are devoting 2016 to helping kids on their journey to 

    Our S&S After School Program is designed to provide students with assistance on their homework as well as provide further learning enrichment. Students will receive help with their studies in science, language arts, math and social studies. SKA will also provide students with new and fun learning opportunities. Once students complete their academic assignments, SKA will offer students the possibility to sharpen their problem solving skills in a fun and creative environment. These additional learning opportunities include: problem solving challenges in our Lego Robotics Lab, Creative experimentation through model and Marquette building, and creative reading and writing offerings through puzzles, riddles and journalism.