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  • Perimeter North Family Medicine at Johns Creek
  • Dandelion Restaurant at Suwanee
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2016-2017 GA PTA State Level Reflections for "What is your story..." Award Winners

by SKA on 05/20/17

Congratulations to SKA students winners who received awards for the 2016-2017 GA PTA State Level Reflections for "What is your story..."! Listed below are all of our student winners. Congratulations again to these students!




2nd grade: Sophia Wang (3rd place)

3rd grade: Miya Ji (3rd place) and Karla Frankova (2nd place; local school entry) 

4th grade: Cheyenne Reeve (1st place) and Mahika Banerjee (honorable mention; local school entry)

7th grade: Ava Leavitt (3rd place)

8th grade: Joycelyn Lieu (1st place) 

10th grade: Ava Wang (1st place)




Sakib Alam (1st and Entry to National) and Peter An (3rd place)




6th grade: Allen Chiu (3rd place)




Peter An (the only GA winner)




9th grade: Marisa Gu (3rd place)

11th grade: Priscilla Lin (1st place)




Lillian McClellan (2nd place)

2017 Georgia River of Words Environment Poetry and Art Competition

by SKA on 05/20/17

Congratulations! SKA students Lily McClellan and Mahika Banerjee were selected as winners in the 2017 Georgia River of Words Environment Poetry and Art Competition. The ceremony was held at the Dekalb Co Library in Decatur, GA on Sunday, May 7, 2017, at 3:00pm. 
Their art pieces will travel to schools, libraries, nature centers, conference, parks, science centers and government building for one year in the "Georgia River of Words Exhibition".

2017 Governor's Honors Program (GHP) Winner

by SKA on 05/20/17

Congratulations! SKA student Jessica Jiang, an eleventh grader, was selected to participate in the 2017 Governor’s Honors Program (GHP)!

With her acceptance, Jessica has the opportunity to attend GHP as a Visual Arts major at Berry College ( in Rome, GA starting from June 18 to Aug 1, 2017. As a GHP state finalist, Jessica will develop additional skills and knowledge in an environment that is filled with scholars and artists from all over Georgia in a four-week residential program over the summer.

The Georgia Governor's Honors Program (GHP) is a residential summer program for gifted and talented high school students who will be rising juniors and seniors during the program. The program provides students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Students attend classes in the mornings and afternoons in specific areas of study, and participate in a wide variety of social and instructional opportunities every evening. Meals and rooms are provided by the program. For more information about the Governor's Honors Program, please visit the GHP homepage at:

2017 Youth Birding T-Shirt Art Contest

by SKA on 05/20/17

Congratulations! Our SKA students' arts were selected in the Youth Birding T-Shirt Art Contest as winners! They are as follows: 

  • Primary Division winner: Northern Cardinal by Maggie Wang, 1st grade.
  • Elementary Division winner: Barn Owl by Richard Lin, 5th grade.
  • Middle School Division winner: Blue Jay by Sarah Tan, 7th grade.
  • High School Division and Overall Winner: Blue Jay by Ava Wang, 10th grade.

They will be invited to attend the Youth Birding Competition award ceremony. Contest entries will be displayed and division winners honored during the awards banquet on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. 

Art Throwdown at Dogwood's 80th Annual Arts Festival

by SKA on 05/20/17

Today, April 9th, Ms. Leng and SKA students participated in the Art Throwdown at Dogwood's 80th Annual Arts Festival at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Ms. Leng and students Tiffany Weng, Jessica Jiang, Ava Wang, Saiya Lin, Szlvia Szabo Mirabal, Priscilla Lin, Lan Lin, Joycelyn Lieu, Lauren Lin, Kevin Lin, Hannah Jones, and Isabella Spagnuolo each participated in different competitions against students from other high schools. Each competition had a different focus related to a variety of art fields. The competitions included landscape, face-to-face, figure drawing, and poster design. From these competitions, our students put their skills to the test as they had only ninety minutes or less to create a beautiful composition piece. After they completed their art piece, selected judges critiqued the works to pick for placement awards.


Our students award placement as follow: 
  • Poster Design: Priscilla Lin and Lan Lin (3rd place)
  • Plein Air Landscape: Saiya Lin (1st place), Kevin Lin (3rd place), Hannah Jones (4th place),  and Isabella Spagnuolo (5th place)
  • 5-Minute Live Figure Drawing (emphasizes power, gesture, and speed with an ebony or graphite pencil): Jessica Jiang (1st place), Ava Wang (2nd place), and Tiffany Weng (3rd place)
  • 10-Minute Live Figure Drawing (emphasizes correct light/shadow relationships, proportion, anatomy with an ebony or graphite pencil): Tiffany Weng (1st place) and Jessica Jiang (5th place)
  • 15-Minute Live Figure Drawing (sudden death among 5 winners from each pose with a medium of their choice): Jessica Jiang (1st place), Ava Wang (2nd place), and Tiffany Weng (3rd place)

Our students received placement awards, which contributed to the best overall school awards. Thanks to our hard working students and Ms. Leng, SKA was able to place 1st out of all of the other competing schools! Congratulations to our school and students for this wonderful day at Art Throwdown!

Special thanks to our parents volunteer, they are Ming Ming Ching, Agnes Lam, Sam Lin, Sue Lin Mr and Mrs Jones whose helped up.

21st Century Leader and Turner Youth Voices Media Institute Finalist

by SKA on 05/20/17

     Congratulations SKA student Priscilla Lin has been accepted into 21st Century Leaders! She have been chosen to attend the Turner Voices Youth Media Institute as her first experience. With her acceptance, she is now a part of 21st Century Leaders, a youth leadership organization that has served over 12,000 students since 1991. She was selected because of her passion toward leadership, exploring the media and visual arts industry, strong communication skills and commitment to her future.

     Based on her course preferences, strong public speaking/ presentation skill, application materials and strong recommendation letter from SKA's principle Ms. Leng Chang, 21st Century Leaders has admitted her into the program.

     As a member of 21st Century Leaders, she’ll be doing much more than simply attending an amazing one-week summer program. She is building her lifetime leadership network by working alongside 75 of her peers from all across the state - young leaders like herself who have the desire AND the motivation to step into leadership roles now and in the future.

PTO Reflections Winner

by SKA on 05/20/17

Congratulations to SKA student Grace Manning! Grace Manning's artwork won first place in the visual arts category 4th grade group at Wilson Creek Elementary for the PTO Reflections - Through My Eyes Art Contest. She also won first place in the visual arts category 4th grade group in the Johns Creek Cluster Schools! We are happy and proud of her!

2017 Mother's Day Postcard Design Art Competition

by SKA on 05/20/17

Congratulations to SKA student Ella Liu who received top honors for the 2017 Mother's Day Postcard Design Art Competition organized by "Wei-Chuan"and hosted by World Journal. She will be receiving $50 cash and a certificate recognizing her oustanding work. Congratulations again!

Georgia Division of Wildlife Forever’s 2017 National State-Fish Art Contest

by SKA on 05/20/17

We are very pleased to announce that a number of SKA students’ artwork and essays were selected in the Georgia Division of Wildlife Forever’s 2017 National State-Fish Art Contest. In addition to creating a lively illustration of the State Fish of their choice, each student submitted an essay entry which conveyed their own knowledge and connection with the state fish. The Georgia state winners are as follow:

First Place in the 7th – 9th grade category: Selina Li, 7th Grade.

Second Place in the 7th – 9th grade category: George Song, 8th Grade.

Second Place in the 4th – 6th grade category: Sophia Cheng, 6th Grade.

Third Place in the K-3rd grade category: Colleen Cao, 3rd Grade.

Honorable Mention, “Go Fish Favorite Award” in the Georgia Division: Lauren Lin, 10th grade.

Selina Li received a Walmart gift card, a certificate with an 11”x 14” plaque and free admission to the Go Fish Education Center. George, Sophia and Colleen each received a certificate with an 11”x14” plaque and free admission to the Go Fish Education Center.

A scanned copy of these artists work will be on display at the Go Fish Education Center for one year beginning June 1st.

     This competition was a great way for students to learn about the different state fish, their behavior, characteristics, their natural habitat and conservation needs. Congratulations to Selina, George, Sophia, Colleen and Lauren!

2017 Relay For Life T-shirt Design Contest

by SKA on 03/19/17

Congratulations to Chris Han who has just won the Relay For Life T-shirt Design Contest organized by his school. His design will be used on the T-Shirts, sold to teachers and students for the Relay for Life walk at school this year. Income received will be donated to the American Cancer Society to fund a cure for cancer. We are very proud of Chris!

2017 AHSAE Dogwood Festival

by SKA on 03/19/17

Congratulations! SKA student Saiya Lin art piece "Rain In The City" was selected over from 750 entries from Georgia high schools and will be exhibited at the 2017 AHSAE Dogwood Festival!

2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Medalist

by SKA on 03/19/17

We are pleased to announce SKA student Tiffany Weng, 11th grade, work title: Vague in Drawing and Illustration category, has earned NATIONAL GOLD MEDAL recognition in the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. For this year, more than 330,000 works of art and writing were submitted, and less than 1% were recognized at the national level. Tiffany's award has demonstrated that she is part of the most talented young artists and writers in the nation by panels of creative professionals. Tiffany and her family have been invited to attend a ceremony at the world-famous Carnegie Hall on Thursday, June 8, 2017. Congratulations again!

2017 House Page Program

by SKA on 02/05/17

Congratulations to SKA students Brandon Koh, Brian Koh, Kafaina Li, Jocelyn Lieu, Lan Lin, Lauren Lin, Priscilla Lin, Saiya Lin, Yuri Park, Annie Peng, Natalie Tan, Stephanie Tsang, Ziche (Ava) Wang, Kaci Xie, Kristina Yu, Vincent Zheng, and Anna Zhu.  for being selected into the 2017 House Page Program! For this program, students will page at the Capitol of Georgia for one day under their state representatives where they will get to participate in the legislative process by assisting their representatives and other members. Congratulations again!

2017 Hilo University Summer Internship Program

by SKA on 02/05/17

The research lab at the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy, Hilo, HI has selected SKA students, Priscilla Lin and Kaci Xie to participate in the educational Summer Research Intern Program at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science for the duration of one month beginning in June 26, 2017 and ending July 26, 2017. 

Through this program, which includes an internship at Professor Leng Chee Chang’s research lab, students will be able to work under the supervision of Professor Chang. This program is highly selective and only occurs once a year, so this achievement is, by no means, microscopic. With that being said, Congratulations to Priscilla and Kaci for being selected for this unique opportunity. We are proud that they will represent SKA Academy!

District Finalists for All-State Symposium

by SKA on 02/05/17

Congratulations to Joycelyn Lieu and Lan Lin for having their submitted pieces  selected as District Finalists for the All-State Symposium! This competition, organized by Columbus State University, was designed to reward students for their creativity and encourage an examination of how art effects the society we live in. As District Finalists, they will receive a top honor certificate in the mail for this excellent accomplishment.

Scholastic Book Club Art Contests

by SKA on 02/05/17

SKA would like to congratulate Grace Manning for being selected as a runner-up for the Scholastic Book Club "Big Nate Epic Birthday Mishaps" and as a winner for the "Picture a President" Art and Writing Contests! Scholastic is an educational organization that hosts many Art and Writing contests to encourage kids from all over the country to showcase their creativity and strive towards greatness. Additionally, Grace Manning was selected to be on the cover of the 2016-2017 Wilson Creek Elementary School Directory. Congratulations on these tremendous achievements Grace! We know you will continue to make SKA proud. 

32nd Annual Pilot Clubs of Metropolitan Atlanta and the Georgia Artist with Disabilities Exhibition

by SKA on 12/11/16

     Congratulations to our SKA student Peter An. His arts received top honors in the 32nd Annual Pilot Clubs of Metropolitan Atlanta and the Georgia Artist with Disabilities Exhibition, an organization that strives to empower disabled artists by providing them with opportunities to display and receive recognition for their artistic abilities. Peter's story and art was also published in the Enabling entrepreneurs with disabilities build sustainable businesses. For more information about this fantastic organization visit Congratulations again to Peter An on this tremendous achievement!

Duluth City Community Art Project

by SKA on 12/11/16

     SKA has some exciting news! As of today, the students' beautiful birdhouses are up for exhibition in the trees of Duluth's Town Green. For the next month, these total 78 birdhouses will be on display for all to enjoy, so come check out the selected works of our wonderful students! Furthermore, SKA would like to congratulate students who have been selected for this season community art exhibition. They include Skylar Reeve, Alex Yang, Kelvin Xie, Abby Lee, Lilian McClellan, Emily Lee, Kaci Xie, Isabel Chen, Xinqing Tan, Shannie Chang, Emily Lam, Laura Lee, Fiona Qi, Miya Ji, Andra Tudor, Lauren Lin, Kylie Matthews, Joycelyn Lieu, Sophia Cheng, Ava Leavitt, Mahika Banerjee, Michelle Wang, Sophie Wang, Kafaina Li, Sarah Tan, Isabella Ching, Alexis Liu, Troy Bian, Cody Bian, Johnson Xiao, Annie Wu, Owen Li, Alston Li, Maggie Wang, Dhiya Prabhu, Animita Dutta, Emma Duffy, Anna Zhu, Erin Park, Yuri Park, Cheyenne Reeve, Anika Ojert, Alexis Jono Tan, Alicia Zeng, Richard Lin, Annie Peng, Kevin Lin, Grace Manning, Olivia Wang, William Lin, Brandon Koh, Isabel Tong, Ava Wang, Eunice Ji, Rachel Heng, Erica Lee, Kate Ding, Andrew Chen, Dario Liu, Jacob Song, Vincent Zheng, Brian Koh, Vanessa Ching, Catherine Xiao, Ameena Wang, Stanley Wu, Tanya Lam, Claire Zhang, Vivian Zhou, Karla Frankova, Willie Chi, Emma Fu, Collin Zhu, Kadence Wang, Chris Han, Cianna Wang, Grace Chiu, and Angelina Tong.

     There are also 25 colorful water bottle wind spirals that are hanging among the birdhouses made by SKA Club Chapters' officers to compliment the birdhouses, as well as adding movements and colors to the trees. These officers are Priscilla Lin, Vanessa Ching, Ava Wang, Kafaina Li, Kevin Lin, Joycelyn Lieu, Shannie Chang, Trinity Dixon, Yuri Park, Miya Ji, Isabella Ching and Sharon Chen.

     With that said, this could not have been possible without our students, parents, and staffs who volunteered to install our birdhouses and wind spirals! SKA would like to thank Sam Lin, Peter Yeh, Agnes Lam, Amos Nsengiyumva, Eugene Koh, Carol Fong, Brandon Koh, Brian Koh, Aya Duffy, and San Teh for their hard work and dedication to bringing the art of our students to the community!

2016 Art Throwdown at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

by SKA on 12/11/16

     On October 1st, SKA students competed in a competition known as Art Throwdown at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens! Art Throwdown is a competition that gives students within and around the metro Atlanta area an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents competitively through events such as haiku poetry, Plein Air impressionist paintings, water sumi-e style painting, and much more. Students can place in their chosen category and placement for individual categories go toward the overall score for SKA. Thanks to the hard work and passion of our students SKA placed third overall out of the top ten metro Atlanta schools! Furthermore, Trinity Dixon placed first in haiku poetry, Ava Wang placed second in Chinese painting, Priscila Lin, Joycelyn Lieu, Lauren Lin, and Lin placed second in Chihuly sculpture, Kaci Xie placed third in Flowers Illustration, and Ava Wang placed fourth in Plein Air Landscape. SKA is very proud of our students! 

2016 National Red Packet Contest

by SKA on 12/11/16

     Congratulations to SKA students who received top honor for the National Chinese New Year Red Pocket competition organized by World Journal and Wei Chuan. Annie Peng placed first in the elementary group and received $400, Kylie Matthews placed third in the elementary group and received $200, Alexis Liu received a special award in the elementary group and received $50, and Sophia Wang received a special award in the elementary group and received $50. In addition, Joycelyn Lieu placed first in the middle/high school group and received $400, Hannah Jones received a special award in the middle/high school group and received $50, Isabella Spagnuolo received a special award in the middle/high school group and received $50, and Lauren Lin received a special award in the middle/high school group and received $50. Congratulations to these students again!

     Furthermore, students listed above and Ms. Leng were invited to attend the awards ceremony at 135-20 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354 on 12/3/2016 starting at 1:00pm. Hannah Jones, Lauren Lin, Joycelyn Lieu, Ms. Leng, and their families attended the ceremony and were very honored to represent SKA and share their wonderful works! 

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